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California is one of 52 neighborhoods of the City of Cincinnati. The California Community Council (CCC) is a non-profit neighborhood organization that represents the neighborhood of California. Monthly meetings are held the second Tuesday of every month except July and August, at 7:30 pm at the Ebersole Community Center.

California is the southeastern most neighborhood of Cincinnati. California is noted for is picturesque location along the Ohio River, with bountiful recreational opportunities and small scale country feel. California extends along State Route 52, or Kellogg Avenue, its major artery, from Salem near Lunken Airport to Sutton at the main gate to Coney Island. In the other direction California extends from the banks of the Ohio River to the ridge of hills beyond the California Golf Course.

CCC administers the Neighborhood Support Program (NSP) and Neighborhood Business District (NBD) funds for California from the City of Cincinnati through Invest in Neighborhoods. CCC publishes a bi-monthly newsletter, maintains public areas such as the Meadows Community Park, the Kellogg Avenue Streetscape including seasonal as well as American flags, and entry sign areas. The CCC will respond when requested by the city on issues such as zone changes and liquor licenses.

The CCC also holds children’s holiday parties as well as other miscellaneous events.


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